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Introducing Rettidig.Expert

Global Golf Solutions

We’re Agent of, the former And we’re proud to be representing innovators of the highest Golf standard, using cutting-edge technologies to lead Golf industry forward. Through patented designs and reliable work, Golf & Machines has become known as a top Golf Equipment and tools Manufacturer. And you can deal directly. Even ERP systems See Inventory

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Best selling products

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Next Tee sign

Metal Next Tee Sign

Design to fit surroundings

and keeps the looks for many years


Lift the ball with the flag stick
Double the life time for both Ferrule and Hole cup


  • Protect your edges

  • Please your players

  • Fit any kind of hole cup system

Even Standard Golf and Par Aide Hole Cops

With patented O-Ring of rubber double life time of both Cup and Ferule


The only electrical hole cutter in the World

Cut holes of perfect uniformity – each and every time, doing the least damage to greens and green keepers

The foot plate protects the green and prevents mounds of earth around the hole.

Place the eCutter on the designated spot, turn it on and press it gently down against the green, and then let the eCutter do the rest.

Then move the eCutter to the old hole and release the soil plug, and on to the next – in under a minute. See the Video gallery.


Easy change the eCutter from a hole cutter to an eSprinkler!


Fits every sprinkler size

Place it directly above the sprinkler and with one button push cut the edge around the sprinkler freeing it from the grass.

Check out how easy it is to use in the Video gallery.

Each machine comes with a blade and a trifork – choose between five different sizes of blades.
Changing the blades is easy.

Easy change the eSprinkler   that into an eCutter with the  kit and Maintenance Supervisor / Green Keepers loves this tool.


The Tool that lifts, moves and settles the O-cup in one work run.

Chose between two handle lenghts.

Constructed so one can place it directly on the green without any damage to the grass.

Can be made to fit all makes of standard hole cups.

Protects the grass, hole cup and greenkeeper.

Upcoming Events

  • by Agent: Rettidig.Expert
    Not planned - but show interest
    Not planned - but show interest
    Nothing Like It in the market
  • by Agent: Rettidig.Expert
    ons. 15. apr.
    Savoy Hotel Manila
    15. apr. 2020 10.00 – 13.00
    Savoy Hotel Manila, 101 Andrews Ave, Pasay, 1300 Metro Manila, Filippinerne
    Come and get free O-Disc and see best selling products
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Contact Us

Contact in Philippines: Keycel B. Monby
Contact in Denmark: Lars H. Monby
Simply reach out today.

Rettidig.Expert, Salugan, Camalig, Albay 4502, Philippines

Rettidig Raadgivning, Staslundevej 37, 4300 Holbaek, Denmark

PH: +63 939 431 9324

DK: +45 6173 3279

Thank you for participating

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